European Jewish-liturgical choral music in the Ashkenazi tradition of Central and Eastern Europe

The Jewish liturgical music of Europe in its heyday of late romanticism, the late 19th and early 20th century, shapes the repertoire of the Synagogalchor Hannover (Synagogal Choir Hannover). The ensemble is dedicated to the performance of the Ashkenazi tradition of Central and Eastern Europe. The acoustical-tonal predicate of the choir is its homogenous, atmospherically dense choral sound. It takes into account the sacral foundation of his repertoire and at the same time sets the romantic ideal of the compositions of European synagogue cantors or European, mostly Jewish composers of synagogue music.

International concert activity since 2004

The Synagogal Choir Hannover, whose work dates back to 2004: A large part of today’s ensemble belonged to the European Synagogal Choir (Europäischer Synagogalchor) under the direction of Andor Izsák until 2017 – previously: Ensemble for Synagogal Music. Over the years the choir has given numerous acclaimed concerts in Germany and abroad, has released several CDs and a double DVD with synagogue music. Among other things, the then ensemble in 2016 on tour through Hungary had the honor to perform in the World Heritage Golden Hall of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and in the synagogues of Debrecen and Szeged.

Semiprofessional chamber choir with a romantic sound ideal

The Synagogalchor Hannover (Synagogal Choir Hannover) in its today semi-professional chamber choir line-up (SSAATTBB) was founded at the beginning of 2018. The artistic direction (synagogue organ / conductor, rehearsal) of the Synagogalchor Hannover (Synagogal Choir Hannover) took over – after years of own participation in the choir – Sören Sönksen.

Live on the stages of major European sacred music festivals

The Synagogalchor Hannover (Synagogal Choir Hannover) had its live premiere in front of an audience at the renowned Musica Sacra International Festival in Marktoberdorf and the surrounding Allgäu. The choir gave some enthusiastically received encounter concerts with choirs from cultural and religious circles of other European nations as well as distant continents and also organized a workshop for the participants and guests of the festival about Synagogue Music.

In 2019, an invitation to Alsace followed, as well as the international festival Les Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg in January / February. The choir sang, together with other festival participants, two full-length concerts in front of a full house. Including the opening concert in the 820-year-old Église St. Thomas, Strasbourg’s „Minster of the Protestants“.

On 6th July 2019, the Synagogal Choir Hannover performed its first concert in front of a home audience in front of full house and final standing ovations in the Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis, at the same time a festive concert on the occasion of 15 years Synagogal Choir / Synagogal Choirs in Hanover.

Intangible Cultural Heritage – Knowledge. Skills. Transmission. Good practice example

In March 2020, based on his musical work, the choir was included as a “good practice example” in the nationwide directory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, area: “Revitalization of synagogal choral music from the 19th and 20th centuries in Central and Eastern Europe”.

Immaterielles Kulturerbe - Eintrag im Register Guter Praxisbeispiele des Bundesweiten Verzeichnisses "Revitalisierung synagogaler Chormusik des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts Mittel- und Osteuropas"

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